Kawasaki, is definitely the company that started it all, and they still remain at the helm of the Jet Ski development mountain. Kawasaki has developed many of the top performing watercraft over their 35+ year heritage. As long as the legendary Minoru Kanamori as head of watercraft development, and Craig “Fuzzy” Boyd as his faithful side-kick, Kawasaki is sure to stay as leaders in the racing development field. The dynamic duo’s dedication to racing, and creating the best race-craft for the sport is why Kawaski is still relevant after all these years. With Kawasaki’s new SXR 1500, new life has been brought back into the race programs of this iconic company, and we are excited to have had a ton of time testing and developing products for their new stand-up. Kawasaki’s Generation-1 SXR and are still extremely popular at the races, especially in the lights classes, and it is still one of the most fun stand-ups ever built. The 1st generation of Kawasaki gold, their 440 and 550 is one of the fastest growing classes in Jet Ski racing, mostly because of the less expensive point of entry, and unsurpassed fun equating to an extremely good bang for your buck.