The Jet Ski Racing Industry has long needed a resource online that will not only sell you the parts that you want, from a company that you trust, but we also realized the need to put in one place, on one section a list of the most popular products used for the most popular race classes. Typically Jet Ski Racers are left lost in a pile of options not being sure if the products that they are buying are legal for their class, will work well for their combination, or in many cases, not even knowing where to begin….well, IPD Racing was designed to resolve just that issue. We have created a resource where you can go to one page to see what the pros are using to get their wins without making a hundred phone calls to someone that knows someone, that knows someone.


IPD Racing has 2 decades of racing experience, and not only are we racers, but we have had the privilege to be apart of many high-level race programs and quite a few world championship Jet Ski builds. We have been lucky enough to have close involvement with the race programs of such racers as 5-time World Champion Tommy Bonacci, 3-time World Champion Kole Cramer, Multi-Time Champion Jimmy Wilson, and many others. We are proud that the IPD Athlete list of sponsored athletes looks something like a “who’s who” of elite-level Jet Ski Racing athletes, many of who we have worked with for many years.

We have and continue to work directly with the heads of many of the most successful product companies in Jetski Racing as consultants, such companies as ProWatercraft and Chris Hagest, JC Racing and Jason Carlton product development among many others. We have developed many performance products over the years and are committed to putting out many more in the next, using today’s technology, and innovation.


Beyond Jet Ski Performance Products, here at IPD Racing we pride ourselves in offering a full range of Jet Ski Graphics, UTV Graphics, and design related services. Please visit our below websites to see more:

If you want additional information about any of these services feel free to contact us: Contact Us

Please enjoy IPDRacing.com and everything that it has to offer. We will continue to develop this site in an effort to better inform you, and provide more and improved services to our customers. Remember, just because you might not see what you are looking for here at IPDRacing.com, doesn’t mean we can’t or maybe don’t already offer it, so please don’t hesitate to Contact Us and get in touch with one of our trained representatives to inquire about your needs. We look forward to servicing you and are ready to you win your next championship!