The Kawasaki 800 SXR was one of the most revolutionary skis to hit the racing scene since the first Jet Ski was developed. Kawasaki figured out from years of racing the 750 sx and sxi, that was smaller and lighter than the Yamaha SuperJet, that a larger heavier hull handles the rough conditions much better, and is easier to ride in extreme race conditions. They took this concept to extremes by designing a hull that is much larger and heavier than it’s then predecessor the “Round-Nose” SuperJet, and with this change came years of championships. There are many stories about how the SXR 800 was developed, stories such as “the original was molded out of tin” and that it was developed in 90 days, but one thing is for sure, they definitely got it right when they came out with this one. The SXR is in our opinion, one of the best looking skis ever developed, certainly better looking than the new SXR 1500. After a few years of winning championships, it didn’t take long for aftermarket companies to realize an improved lightweight version of the hull would probably sell well. Companies such as Bullet and Trinity to make light weight SXR replicas with much improved aftermarket bottoms in them.