Matthew Skelly

"The Aussie"

New Zealand Flag
Born and raised in Sydney Australia, Matt was lucky enough to be able to spend most weekends at his house on Lake Macquarie. It was here that he developed his love for watersports, although not even the wakeboarding or kneeboarding could top the time he loved to spend on the family jetski! As the 15-year-old Jetski started to wear out his family sold the Yamaha, but Matt wasn’t done with his love of riding...When he finished school in 2013 he started his apprenticeship in the electrical trade which allowed him to make his first investment - a 2015 Yamaha FZS SVHO. Now that he had his own ski, he started to embrace the social aspect of riding, involving himself in the wide range of social clubs and communities across NSW. This was how he discovered racing! Now 2 seasons on from when he took off from the start line in his first race of the NSW Aqua X series, he has grown into a stronger, more competitive racer and even bought a 2nd race ski - a 2017 Seadoo Spark. Sharing his passion, Matt has taken on the role of treasurer and organiser of the NSWPWC races, giving him an insight into the behind the scenes look into the sport he is so passionate about.
  • 2017/18 NSW Aqua X Round 2, 1st Place
  • 2017/18 NSW Aqua X Round 1, 3rd Place
  • 2016/17 NSW Aqua X Round 3, 3rd Place
  • 2016 Australian Endurance Championships, 6th Place

2015 Yamaha FZS SVHO, 2017 Seadoo Spark 2UP


Riva Racing, HydroTurf