For 2021, Yamaha has introduced the newest Superjet! An all new hull design that is longer and wider than before, now accommodates a proven and award winning 4-stroke power plant. The TR-1 marine engine produces over 100HP and has been met with a ton of excitement from the aftermarket industry and fans alike. The new hull comes from the factory with a top loader intake grate, an aggressive ride plate, and an adjustable handle pole. The new ski even offers a reduced power mode for riders who are just learning. 

As exciting as the new ski is, there are some upgrades that will definitely improve the performance. The rear of the ski can sometimes prove unpredictable. Rear sponsons and an aftermarket intake grate will improve the pump’s ability to stay hooked up in the turns. And while the new power plant is awesome, the is so much un-tapped potential that can be found with an ignition tuner. Some simple exhaust modifications will improve the power delivery and will allow the throaty sound of the new four stroke to be heard. Check out all of the bolt on performance parts that IPD Racing offers.