Even though Yamaha wasn’t the first to make watercraft, they now sell many more watercraft than Kawasaki, the originator. Yamaha’s dedication to reliability and performance are second to none, and their ability to create watercraft that timeless designs are just as powerful. The timeless round-nose SuperJet has been a must have for the quiver for almost 2 decades. The B1 Waveblaster is still one of the most popular skis, and has the biggest classes in Jet Ski racing. Yamaha’s Waverunner’s are also leaders in the racing world, Waverunners such as the GP1800, the FX-SVHO, and the FZR are dominating the racing ranks, and we are sure that they will for years to come.

The news is that the legendary Scott Watkins, which has not only been a driving force behind Yamaha Watercraft program, but a legend in the Jetski racing and freestyle community, is retiring next year, and right around the same time as the proposed release of the long-awaited new 4-stroke SuperJet stand-up. Supposedly this new addition to the lineup is modeled much after Kommander’s GP1 race ski, and if it’s anything like it, we can’t wait! The future of Yamaha is looking bright, and we are looking forward to many up and coming builds with many different Yamaha models, new and old….stay tuned.