The Kawasaki SXR 1500 was first introduced at the World Finals in 2016 and once again they lit a fire in the stand up jet ski world. At 550 pounds and over 8.5 feet long, it’s no secret that the newest SXR is big. Powered by a 1498CC, four cylinder, digitally fuel injected, four stroke engine means it’s fast too. This engine puts out 160HP which is twice that of it predecessor, the SXR 800. With sleek body lines, and a deep-V shape, this hull allows for incredible cornering and with the sheer weight of the craft, it absolutely crushes waves and chop. While the ski is impressive, it isn’t without fault. Some of the most important up grades will consist of rear sponsons for better bite, and an intake grate and ride plate for more consistent hook up and better pump efficiency. For rider positioning, an adjustable handle pole and straighter bars will the get the rider’s weight over the front of he machine, greatly improving the machines turning ability. For those looking for more power and speed, look no further than a ECU tuner and a air filter upgrade. All of these parts can be found right here at IPD Racing.