Yamaha’s round nose Superjet first saw production in 1996. Since then, it has proven to be one of the most reliable, versatile and just plain fun to ride personal watercraft ever made. The 2-stroke, twin cylinder engine has stood the test of time and was still in production until just this last year. The original round nose SJ hull design was in production without change until 2008. At that time, a new hull emerged. While they look very similar, the newer hull provided a much more planted feel and greatly improved carving abilities. The light weight, 701cc Superjet engine produces a little over 70HP and allows the Superjet to feel agile and fun whether the rider choses to race around a bouy course or play in the ocean waves. 

Because of the Yamaha Superjet’s popularity in the personal watercraft world, there are a huge amount of performance products available from the aftermarket. The 2-stroke engine is easily made more powerful with the addition of aftermarket air filters, exhaust pipes, and ignition components. The handling can be vastly improved with scoop grates and ride plates to suit the specific riding conditions. Sponsons are a great option to tighten up the turning ability. An aftermarket handle pole will allow adjustability in rider position as well as the use of steering components that offer quicker steering. Check out all of the components offered by IPD Racing.