The Sport Spec Class has been the most popular class in Jet Ski racing for over a decade now, and remains one of the only classes to consistently require heat races due to the high attendance of this popular class. The popularity of the Yamaha B1 WaveBlaster can mostly be blamed for the consistency of this awesome class, and with that is the need to always push the envelope of better, faster Blaster's that racers can stay in front on. Our Sport Spec combination has won numerous championships, including IPD Athlete Tommy Bonacci's 4 World Titles in the class. We have long been fans of the WaveBlaster platform, and will continue to push the limits of performance with our Sport Spec builds. With that said, this page consists of the parts that we use to build the World's Fastest Sport Spec Waveblasters, and we have curated them so you can now get the same products that of our Sport Spec WaveBlaster Setup has used to win these hard fought championships!
  • Solas Concord Impeller 12/18 w/75mm Hub for Yamaha Superjet & WaveBlaster (YQ-CD-12/18)

  • IPD Racing Rear Sponson Set for Yamaha WaveBlaster B1

  • Moto Tassinari V-Force 3 Reed Valve System for Yamaha Superjet & Waveblaster (701)

    $252.95 Sale!
  • Jet Dynamics Single-Blade Top-Loader Intake Grate Yamaha Waveblaster 1 (Requires Shoe)

    $195.00 Sale!
  • MSD Enhancer Ignition Yamaha 650/701

    $425.95 Sale!
  • RRP Adjustable Throttle Lever

    $80.00 Sale!
  • Yamaha 650/3700 Ignition Coil

    $415.00 Sale!
  • ProWatercraft Pump Shoe for the Yamaha WaveBlaster & SuperJet

    $195.00 Sale!
  • Yamaha WaveBlaster Hood Seal

    $32.99 Sale!
  • Blowsion Yamaha Fuel Pickup

    Blowsion Fuel Pickup for Yamaha (SuperJet & Waveblaster)

    $259.00 Sale!
  • Waveblaster Hull Extensions

    ProWatercraft Yamaha Wave Blaster Hull Extensions

    $265.00 Sale!
  • ProWatercraft Ride Plate for Yamaha Waveblaster

    $310.00 Sale!
  • Jet Dynamics Single-Blade Top-Loader Scoop Grate for Yamaha SuperJet (90-20)

    $195.00 Sale!
  • Heavy Duty 6mm Steering Cable Kit for Yamaha Waveblaster (GP800/WB2 Style Cable)

    $225.00 Sale!
  • IPD Racing Rear Exhaust Outlet for the Yamaha Waveblaster B1 Hull (Includes Stock Exhaust Block-Off)