This is a curation of all the products we have extensively tested in our Limited SuperJet builds, and we have found to be the absolute best of the best for our Limited Class Yamaha SuperJet package. So that we are sure to get the best end result, we do all of our testing in a multi-stage environment...we test in smooth and rough water, we test in salt water and fresh water, we run hot laps on buoys for lap times, along with in traffic behind other racers on the course, and we do this to be sure to see how the ski will perform to get the best results in all conditions. We also GPS and Radar test each change so that we aren't sacrificing speed for performance. The SuperJet is one of the best skis ever developed, and it deserves to be put through the paces, and because we do this, we are still figuring out ways to squeeze more out of the amazing Yamaha SuperJet hull!
  • Solas Concord Impeller 12/18 w/75mm Hub for Yamaha Superjet & WaveBlaster (YQ-CD-12/18)

  • WORX Racing Ride Plate for Superjet (2008-2020)

    $247.50 Sale!
  • ProWatercraft Fattie Front Sponson Yamaha Superjet

    $379.00 Sale!
  • Moto Tassinari V-Force 3 Reed Valve System for Yamaha Superjet & Waveblaster (701)

    $252.95 Sale!
  • TBM Super Pump Cone (Yamaha Super Jet)

  • MSD Enhancer Ignition Yamaha 650/701

    $425.95 Sale!
  • RIVA Handlepole Spring for Yamaha Superjet (1996-2020)

    $42.95 Sale!
  • WORX Racing Intake Grate Superjet (2008+)

    $189.00 Sale!
  • RRP Ninja Chin Pad

  • RRP Racing Fat Bars

  • RRP Adjustable Throttle Lever

    $80.00 Sale!
  • Yamaha 650/3700 Ignition Coil

    $415.00 Sale!
  • RRP Billet Handle-Pole for Kawasaki and Yamaha

  • IPD Racing Billet Head kit for the Yamaha 701 Engine (Girdled, w/IPD Sport Spec Race Domes)

    $399.00 Sale!
  • Billet Gas Cap for Yamaha Watercraft (Fueled by Haters)

    $59.00 Sale!