Here at IPD Racing we utilize our years of experience building race watercraft and dedication to testing to develop the latest technologies in race bread products. All of our products are made to the highest of manufacturing standards, and are stress tested to be sure that they can handle the worst conditions. We not only test overall performance all IPD Racing products, but we always GPS test each new product in development to be sure that the optimal speeds are achieved, and that our handling products are creating any unexpected results.
  • IPD Racing Rear Sponson Set for Yamaha WaveBlaster B1

  • Heavy Duty 6mm Steering Cable Kit for Yamaha Waveblaster (GP800/WB2 Style Cable)

    $225.00 Sale!
  • IPD Racing Rear Exhaust Outlet for the Yamaha Waveblaster B1 Hull (Includes Stock Exhaust Block-Off)

  • IPD Racing Billet Head kit for the Yamaha 701 Engine (Girdled, w/IPD Sport Spec Race Domes)

    $399.00 Sale!
  • Billet Gas Cap for Yamaha Watercraft (Fueled by Haters)

    $59.00 Sale!
  • Billet Gas Cap for Kawasaki Jet Skis (Fueled by Haters)

    $59.00 Sale!