ProWatercraft Racing along with Founder and CEO Chris Hagest is known to be one of the largest innovators in Personal Watercraft Racing in recent years Hagest’s completely outside the box approach to product development that was nurtured during his time working with Factory Kawasaki, and being the lead developer at Hydrospace has lead him to conceptualize the industry changing ProForce hull. The ProForce with it’s triple sponson design, set-back pump, space-age materials, and long sleek “Ferrari-Like” design is one of today’s leaders on the race course, winning many championships.

Chris and ProWatercraft has been hard at work recently on the second generation of the already amazing ProForce, and has been very secretive about releasing many of the up and coming developments that they have been working on, but we do know this, we are sure that it will be another huge step in the evolution of Personal Watercraft Racing. Rumors have it that the new ProForce will have an even more innovative tray to help with ergonomics and reduce rider fatigue, will perform even better in rough water….and the new hull is set to unveil at the 2018 World Championships in Lake Havasu.