IPD Athletes

Tommy Bonacci | Sport Class | Spec & Open
Biography: Tommy Bonacci has been a celebrity to Jet Ski racing for 2 decades. His likable Italian personality makes him a favorite on the beach, but his competitive nature and extreme focus is what gives him his elite athlete status and makes him a force to be reckoned with on the water.

Nickname: "The Bomber"

From: Costa Mesa, CA.

Race-Craft: 2, 1995 Yamaha Waveblasters

Career Highlights: Winning the Pro Sport World Title in 1995.

Other Sponsors: Bomber Eyewear, Yamaha, Quakysense, Maxima, Hot Products, ProWatercraft

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Jimmy Wilson | Pro Ski | Open & GP
Biography: Jimmy Wilson is one of Pro Ski's fastest rising stars, and is also one of the nicest guys in the sport. Jimmy has about the best backing that a rising star could ask for, Tim Judge builds his engines, the McKenna's do the setup, along with many others that make an all-star team to consistently put Jimmy out front.

Nickname: "Jumpin Jimmy"

From: Sanford, NC.

Race-Craft: 1 Stock SXR, & 2 Trinity Hulled SXR's

Career Highlights: 2-time Amateur World Champion, & 4th in GP Ski.

Other Sponsors: Judge Motorsports, Jam Racing, Quakysense, Hot Products, ProWatercraft, Trinity Hulls

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Fahad Al Musallam | Pro Ski | Limited & Open
Biography: Fahad Al Musallam is one of Kuwait's premier Pro Ski racers. Even though Fahad has only been racing for a short time, he has quickly made an impact on the watercraft racing seen by dominating the Kuwait championships last year, and this year plans to make his mark on the world abroad.

Nickname: "Titanium"

From: Kuwait City

Race-Craft: 1 Limited SXR, & 1 Open SXR

Career Highlights: Winning the Kuwait Championship.

Other Sponsors: Bomber Eyewear, Rider Zone, K&S, Quest Nutrition, Al-Masar, Hot Products

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Mike Wendricks | Men's Ski | Stock & Open
Biography: Mike Wendricks is a successful motocross racer that has came over to show his dominance on the watercraft racing scene. His experince in racing has enabled him to win the National Tour last year after only one year of Jet Ski Racing, and is poised to show the same dominance this year.

Nickname: "Rockstar"

From: Wadsworth, IL.

Race-Craft: 1 Stock SXR, & 1 Open 1100 SXR

Career Highlights: Won the 2013 Pro Ski Stock & GP Great Lakes Watercross Titles

Other Sponsors: Quakysense, Bomber Eyewear, Silkolene, Hot Products, ProWatercraft

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Kyle Araiza | Amateur Ski | Stock & Open
Biography:  Kyle is the second generation of PWC racers in his family, born and raised in Northern California, and a junior high school student, he puts in serious effort and time to make the best out of racing in order to get #1 plates. He has traveled all over the country racing and brought home 1st places everytime.

Nickname: "Junior Mint"

From: San Fransisco/San Ramon, CA.

Race-Craft: Stock Class SXR 800, Bullett v2 Wideboy 1200 SXR

Career Highlights: 1st Novice Ski Stock West Coast & National Champion, 5th at World Finals Jr. Ski Lites & Jr Ski Limited, 7th Ski Open at the Mark Hahn.

Other Sponsors: Hot Products, ADA, Bullett Racing, Optima Racing, Ultimate Watercraft, RRP, Mikes JetSki, Streamline Designs, Ryno Power, M/M Marine

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Bibi Carmouche Bibi Carmouche Bibi Carmouche Bibi Carmouche
Bibi Carmouche | Women's Ski | Amatuer Open
Biography: Bibi Carmouche is a 21 years old Women's Pro Racer from Loomis, CA. She currently lives in Reno, NV where she is going to school for a BSN in Nursing. She has passion for jet ski racing, skiing, mountain biking and anything outdoors!

Nickname: "Unknown"

From: Loomis, CA.

Race-Craft: 1 Linited SXR, & 1 Open 1100 SXR

Career Highlights: 2013 Novice Women's Ski Limited World Champion

Other Sponsors: Lucas Oil, Ultimate Watercraft, Liquid Militia, Hot Products, Jet Pilot, TBM, Roseville Kawasaki, Ryno Power, Jettrim, Skat-Trak, Balistreri Customs

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Jordan Carroll Jordan Carroll Jordan Carroll Jordan Carroll
Jordan Carroll | Pro-Ski GP | Amateur Ski Open
Biography:  Jordan is a 20 year old rising jet-ski racer. Having only raced for 4 years he doesn't have the experience as some of the pros, but he has the determination and focus to push myself to be the best in the sport. Coming off a set of national titles in the amateur ranks, he looks forward to pushing himself to compete with the pros all season to set himself for good standing at world finals in amateur open and a future Pro Ski world title!

From: Flowery Branch, GA.

Race-Craft: Trinity Vector-K 1100 SXR

Career Highlights: 2012 National Title 2nd Novice Ski Stock and Limited, 2013 National Title 1st Novice Ski Stock, 1st Amatuer Ski Lites

Other Sponsors: Optima Racing, Riva, Blowsion, Ryno Power, Hydro-Turf, Trinity, Jet Pilot, 100%

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Casey Mauldin | Ski & Sport | Stock & GP
Biography: Being a veteran of the sport, Casey has had a successful career in both Ski & Sport Classes. In the 1995 Season, he finished 1st overall in region 1, 1st at the State Championships, and finished 4th at the World Finals. Then a a return to racing brought 2 Podiums at the World Finals in Sport Class Racing.

Known For: "The Mauldin Pinch"

From: Solana Beach, CA.

Race-Craft: Kawasaki 800SXR, Yamaha Waveblaster K1100

Career Highlights: Winning the CT Sports Series Championship, the Inside Line Series Championship, and the California State Championships in the same year.

Other Sponsors: Bomber Eyewear, Quakysense, Jettrim, ProWatercraft, Hot Products, RRP, EVS, Boyesen

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