Kawasaki introduced the all new, JS 750 stand-up Jet Ski in 1992.  With a 743cc, two-stroke, twin cylinder engine, this new, completely re-designed model was faster and more maneuverable than the 550 and is still one of the most popular stand-up watercraft. Because of its popularity, there are a ton of aftermarket parts available for the Kawasaki 750 SX, SXI, and SXI Pro models. Most riders will greatly benefit from handling upgrades such as front sponsons to increase the straight line stability and the overall turning ability of this model, as well as a good ride plate to control the attitude of the nose of the ski. Upgrades such as a handle pole, straighter handle bars and grips can improve rider positioning.  Many performance parts are available to increase low end power, top speed and hook up. Check out all of the performance parts available from IPD Racing.