KAWASAKI 440 & 550 SX

The original stand-up Jet Ski was first produced by Kawasaki in 1972 with a 400cc 2-stroke engine. This original design would stand the test of time and is possibly even more popular today than ever before. Over the years, Kawasaki has made improvements to the model, mostly in the form of a more powerful engine with the JS 550. These models have introduced a countless number of people to the world of stand-up, personal watercraft riding and racing. While these models are a blast just as they sit, they are a little unstable and slippery. The handling on these Jet Skies can be drastically improved with the addition of a few bolt on parts. Most riders will be much happier with the addition of an aftermarket ride plate and front sponsons to improve the stability and increase the grip in turns. Rear sponsons and hull extensions are available for even more grip for aggressive turning. Check out all the performance parts that IPD Racing offers.